Dunkin Debts


“America runs on Debts.” A catchy phrase that became the insight for this project. Dunkin Debts is the brainchild of Art Director Sierra Blanc that I had the pleasure of modeling for. 

Debt has become a normal part of American culture, when it shouldn’t. In spite of economic circumstances, low-income families often experience neglect from the government, confronting obstacles in healthcare and housing. Education is vital for breaking the cycle of poverty, yet student debt restricts many people from creating wealth for themselves and future generations. 

With budget cuts posing a threat to future generations, we created Dunkin Debts tumblrs, a sustainable way to drink coffee and support a great cause. With this project, we hope to transform education through donations of proceeds to First Book — an organization that supports educators and equips low-income schools with essential resources. Because after all America runs on debt, let it not be at the expense of our children's futures.